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About Our Company

Famous Branding® is based in the heart of London and is currently the UK’s No.1 PR & Branding Consultancy. It is headed by Award Winning CEO & Founder, Cindy Harvey who works closely with her enthusiastic team of Top London Experts.

At Famous Branding®, we primarily work on an exclusive 1 to 1 Mentorship basis.  However, we also offer Group Mentorships together with Dynamic Talks and Special Events throughout the year.

Meet Our Award Winning

Founder & CEO


Famous Brandinis founded by Cindy Harvey,

London’s Celebrity Branding & PR Expert.

She is also a Keynote Speaker,

TV Presenter and Author.


Cindy has travelled the globe working with some of the world’s celebrity elite and facilitated contracts with the likes of Richard Branson, British Telecom, Suzuki, Honda and the BBC.

Her business background comes from working extensively in both the entertainment and business worlds specialising in Management, Branding & PR and her innovative media campaigns have ultimately led to her winning major industry awards two years running.

She is gifted with a sharp creative eye for talent and knows precisely what works and what doesn’t.  She also has numerous high profile contacts within the Media Business and many clients hiring her services have found themselves catapulted into the spotlight featuring in such media as the BBC & Sky News, Big Breakfast, MTV, The Times and The Guardian together with many prominent magazines.

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