ANNETTE KALLAMU                   CEO & Founder:  Natural Skin Cuisine

Cindy is the ‘Go To’ person for anyone who wants to keep their brand on top and ahead of other brands!

I especially loved how she taught about branding and image of one’s business. Thanks Cindy Harvey …. you rock and I cannot wait for you to help me with more branding ideas


CARL H.                                   Global Entrepreneur, USA.

After flying in from the U.S. to meet Cindy Harvey, I felt she has an incredible knowledge and I love to work with the best. I am also very impressed by the great brands that she has worked with.

I found she is a great Mentor and is very creative.  I also appreciated the easy way she took me through the process which made the day both fun, interesting and giving.  The 1 to 1 Mentorship gave me a totally new perception of how I see my business and branding. It will make me change direction for my main brand and make it more personal as well as more powerful.  The Mentorship also gave me new strategic insights and ideas that will broaden my brand and product portfolio.

This has the possibility to be a long-term business relationship (with all the brands that I have and have coming)

SUZANNE KENDALL                 Actress:  Star of Film & Theatre

The PR & Branding advice I got from Cindy wasn’t even written in her Mentorship spec.

Her ideas for my route to success were purely unique and bespoke to my individual goals and desires. I was so pleased with her valuable input. The benefits I gained as a result were totally unexpected. Her expertise is worth every penny.

ALAN KEYSE                            CEO & Founder:  Keys For Living

Cindy is in command of her subject and shared her experience in a focused and precise manner.

I warmly recommend for entrepreneurs to try one of her courses – an area essential to every business. The benefits will be felt immediately. I am delighted with Famous Branding® as I am able to bring a list of very important lessons and ‘to do’s’ away with me.

A huge thank you to Cindy for her valuable information, focus and ‘can do’ attitude.


LAUREN LOVEJOY                Singer/Songwriter:  X Factor Bootcamp Finalist 2014

Since Cindy Harvey has managed me, she has introduced me to many people in the music industry and has also promoted my music on the front line to major record labels.    

She has taken aspects of my image and introduced different styles to make me more appealing to my audience.   Also, confidence has been an issue from time to time, however, Cindy has helped me with my performance skills and stage presence which has enabled me to become a lot more relaxed.  

I have been looking for a manager for some time now but am glad I waited because I couldn’t feel happier than I am right now.  Cindy keeps in regular contact with me and keeps me updated of any changes or news as it come in.  

Her help and commitment contributes to an excellent relationship!    

Thank you Cindy Harvey for not only changing my life but also for believing in me.

BENTLEY BROWNING      Founder:  Standup Comedy Novices

Famous Branding commercialized and crispened up my existing image and brand so I was able to command higher fees and have an increased impact in the market place.

Cindy Harvey also got a good overall feel for what I am about as an eclectic performerHad a great time of being challenged, shocked and impressed at the choices she had for me giving me a good insight into where she wanted to take me.

ADAM STRONG                      CEO: Xclusive Corporate Fitness

Fantastic presentation. Cindy really knows what branding is all about. Engaging and powerful content, got loads of information.



Cindy really knows her stuff and makes it all seem so easy and obvious. Thanks to Cindy’s skill, expertise and encouragement, I have reached a level of polish that is fit to go public with.

In the past 6 months,  I have progressed from a vague idea to a much clearer direction of where I am going with my business.  I now have a complete branding package and am ready to go

Cindy has taught me things that I would never have thought of alone and has made it seem much more do-able and less daunting. She has also given me the confidence to present my services in different ways thus creating the right impression for a business that I now feel excited about.

GRAHAM PRICE                      CEO & Founder:  Abicord

Fascinating, intriguing, inspiring, very watchable.

DR. SUE WHITING                 Author & CEO:  Memory Sue

I thoroughly recommend this to anyone setting up their own business

Very valuable and illuminating … it gave me an insight as to what areas I need to work on. Cindy made it fun as well as educational. Thank you so much.


ROBERT EDDISON                Author & CEO

I cannot recommend Cindy Harvey’s Mentorship too highly.  Under her expert tutelage, she drove us through a packed agenda with great skill and humour. 

Result? ….. The Mentorship ended with my having achieved a highly satisfactory outcome on the 7 elements needed to strengthen and optimise my limping brand.  

I have now learnt how to connect better with my audience and stay connected by delivering one’s message in bullet points that punch above their weight and really strike home.

DIANE MOORE                     Director:  Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Int PLC

This is the first time I’ve heard Cindy speak on stage. I found it very fascinating and I learnt so much.

You feel more confident, you feel like doing more things in life … and once your confidence level goes up you know you attract better things into your life as well.

JONATHAN BRADLEY           Managing Director:  Sharp & Strong Ltd

Thanks for today Cindy, lovely to meet you and I take from it lots of useful information. I’ll be happier speaking to the camera now.

Do you think I should get on with the book now?

KATHRYN MINCER             Actress:  ‘Killer Psychopaths’, Ch5

I’ve just attended Famous Branding’s PR Event here and I’ve just had a talk with Cindy Harvey …. she has been amazing.

She has been incredible with this talk … really enjoyed it! Great tips and advice.  She gave us the 7 Steps to make ourselves from just any old actor in the crowd to a household name and I will be taking on the advice and this will lead to, hopefully, bigger and better things. 

Thank you very much Cindy and thank you very much Famous Branding.

CHARIS ANGEL                   Founder:  Angel Aromatherapie

Cindy’s talk today was very entertaining …. there was lots of interesting information

KAI HENDERSON                   Actor, Writer, Musician

Informative, reminded me to keep on top of PR all the time.

RUBY HOWES                         CEO & Founder:  Lovvit Ltd

Thank you so much for sharing your time and knowledge Cindy! Made plenty of notes and look forward to experiencing more at your workshop!!