Does This Man Need To Transform His Brand Image?

Bentley Browning_Before

The answer is actually, “Well it depends”.  When Bentley first sought the help of Cindy Harvey, CEO & Founder of Famous Branding, she felt that his image in this photo was absolutely perfect.  Why? … because he was the singer in a rock band that demanded this particular look.

However, a year later he returned to Famous Branding and asked if we could help him change his brand image.  Why? … because the rock band had become a secondary source of income and he now found himself diverting his talents to the comedy circuit.

He also had a desire to share his expertise with others and had recently set up a couple of comedy workshops one of which was to be aimed at the corporate sector.  Therefore, as you can imagine, this required a radical change of his brand image.

See the next post for the amazing transformational pic of Bentley after he was transformed by Famous Branding.

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