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Famous Branding® is based in the heart of London and is currently the UK’s No.1 Celebrity Branding Consultancy.  It is headed by the Award-Winning CEO & Founder, Cindy Harvey, who works closely with her Elite Team of Top London Experts.

We help companies and individuals who are looking to take their Brand Identity to the next level and primarily work with the most effective form of media …. Video Branding and Presentation. This is even more effective when combined with a Celebrity Red Carpet Event gaining valuable PR to successfully raise brand awareness.

Famous Branding® strives to achieve a total transformation from tired and old-fashioned to fresh, exciting and memorable and is known for promoting a powerful identity leaving companies and   individuals feeling totally confident to launch their brand into the media spotlight!  

Meet Our Award-Winning

CEO & Founder


TV Presenter | Author | Keynote Speaker

Celebrity PR & Branding Expert

Int Women of Power Speaker of the Year 

Guest Expert @ The House of Lords

Inst of Leadership & Management Award

Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP 

Member of the Society of NLP


Cindy Harvey has travelled the globe working with some of the world’s celebrity elite and facilitated contracts with the likes of Richard Branson, British Telecom, Suzuki, Honda and the BBC.

She also has numerous high profile contacts and many of her clients have found themselves catapulted into the spotlight featuring in such media as the BBC & Sky News, The Big Breakfast, MTV, Live TV, Sunday Times and The Guardian together with many prominent magazines.


Her innovative media campaigns have ultimately led to her winning multiple industry awards which have been presented by prominent organisations in London’s West End.

Cindy’s business background is borne out of 20 successful years of working extensively in the entertainment and business worlds in which she has specialised in PR, Branding and Management.


She is gifted with a sharp creative eye and knows precisely what works and what doesn’t in transforming companies and individuals from invisible to household name. She also takes great pride in the fact that scores of clients have given her flying testimonials defining her as the ‘Go-To Person’ for powerful branding that really works.


Her most recent events have been affiliated with Cancer Research and The Prince’s Trust in which she interviewed a host of Celebrities, Politicians and Influential Business Leaders including Peter Andre, Patti Boulaye, Sajad Haider Karim MEP and Megaman from So Solid Crew.

(See You Tube links below)


Celebrity World Cancer Day Gala (Hosted by Peter Andre):


Celebrity Charity Gala (Prince’s Trust):


Working within the Corporate World, her most recent marketing video was commissioned by the CEO of Advanced Oncotherapy. This is a dynamic company currently developing the latest technology in the exciting world of Proton Therapy and the treatment of cancer due to be launched in Harley Street in the year 2020 (See You Tube link below).

Advanced Oncotherapy Corporate Marketing Video:



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