Famous Branding Assigned As The Official PR Company For Isla Investments

Cindy Harvey, the Founder & CEO of Famous Branding is set to fly to Manila tomorrow morning with Jennifer Viloria to start the official PR campaign for Isla Investments.

Jennifer, the founder and owner of Isla Investments, is currently sponsoring and leading a prestigious tourism campaign for the Philippines, in partnership with a UK tour company, due to be launched later this year.  The campaign is tipped to take London by storm as she speaks at various high profile events in the city.

Whilst in the Philippines, Cindy is to work on raising the awareness of Jennifer’s campaign as she holds high level talks with tourism officials, a respected member of the Senate, and the management of a prominent NGO, who all support her work.  Jennifer is adamant they remain anonymous for the moment, however, more will be revealed over the coming months.

For more information on this exciting venture, keep a look out for further updates.

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