Is It Possible To Make More Money Just By Changing Your Brand Image?

Bentley Browning_After

Meet Bentley Browning, Actor, Presenter and Comedian.  After working with Famous Branding for just 1 month, we managed to transform his whole career.

Following a long stint as a singer in a rock band, he has now carved out a lucrative career as a comedian as well as an entrepreneur running his own workshops both for aspiring comedians and also to introduce comedy into the corporate world to help with presentations and negotiations.

He is now totally following his passion and, at the same time, he has managed to easily quadruple his income.

You’ll see from these pics that even though he would be working in the corporate domain, we decided not to put him in a suit and tie which would have completely undermined his core image and values. Instead, we dramatically sharpened up his existing image giving him a smart look at the same time as keeping an element of excitement that would work well fronting one of his workshops or, alternatively, performing stand-up comedy on stage.


What do you think to Bentley’s new brand image?

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